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InnoCourier, InnoEat, InnoTaxi, Collect Depot and Equiticard have completed development on individual Mobile Apps and is currently integrating them as one App.

We are confident that our consolidated App with provide a the ultimate personal and parcel logistics solution imaginable.

The One App will soon be available for download on iTunes and Pay Store.


Innoauto Transport Association has developed a mobile booking app especially designed to incorporate and support a taxi office.

The One App that allows Taxi Offices to provide a better service than App based Taxi companies.

Over three years in development and beta testing followed by a six month live pilot project with a Cab Office in London which proved to be successful, so we are now ready to launch.

An Instant Mobile Taxi Booking app that allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then confirmed by the Driver but also routed to the Licensed Taxi office to monitor. It is the best Taxi App giving passengers a ride with a push of a button at a very competitive rates. It is fast, reliable and secure.

It is also an automated system for Licensed Cab offices as they can keep track of their drivers through the Back Office Portal. Our aim is to provide Taxi Companies help to reduce dead mileage.

The InnoTaxi App also incorporates the following:

InnoCourier bookings to provides express delivery of official documents and small parcels with a focus on corporate and retail accounts and last mile deliveries for multinational courier companies. InnoCourier also distributes and delivers commodities to street hawkers and retail stores.

InnoEat express food delivery, get the food you want to eat when and where you want to eat it.

Collect Depot allows you to receive your deliveries while you are at work or without the concern that it won’t get stolen from your door step.  Now you can collect your deliveries at your local Collection Depot at your convenient before work, after work, at lunchtime or at the weekend as Collect Depot is open 7 Days a Week.